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MagicForm utilizes AI 🪄 to empower Teachers, Schools, and HR teams. Create assessments at scale, directly within Google Forms.

Creating Quiz or Test was Never this easy.

MagicForm can generate quiz questions in seconds for any topic. In two simple steps.

Step 1

Get Text

Copy the text from any source and paste it in MagicForm. You can get it from Wikipedia, PDF books, or the web.

Step 2

Enter Info and Generate

1. Paste the Text, 2. Enter number of questions and 3. Choose question type then click Generate. MagicForm will automatically generate the questions for you.

Who is it for?

MagicForm is for anyone who wants to create quizzes or tests in seconds. It is for teachers, students, and anyone who wants to create quizzes or tests.

Teachers and Schools

Teachers amd Schools can avoid selecting same set of questions every year and be able to generate new question sets in few minutes.

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HR Teams

HR Teams can use MagicForm App to create assessments from compliance documents. On any change to policies a test can be created in less than 2 min.

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Publishers and Edtech Companies

Rather than outsourcing their assessment creation process, textbook publishers and edtech companies can utilize Questgen to have a lesser-sized in-house team, thereby saving greatly on time and money.

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